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 Question 1 

What is the name of this known bandit and sniper?

Tip: Winnetou was shot dead by him at Nugget-tsil


 Question 2 

What is the film title of this scene?

Tip: This film found his continuation in the adventure »Fury of the Sabers« (»Im Reiche des silbernen Löwen«)

 The Shoot (Der Schut)
 Rampage at Apache Wells (Der Ölprinz)
 Viva Gringo (Das Vermächtnis des Inka)
 Wild Men of Kurdistan (Durchs wilde Kurdistan)

 Question 3 

What is the name of Winnetou´s girlfriend?

Tip: She is the daughter of the chief of Assiniboins


 Question 4 

What is the name of "Llano Estacado´s" so called bandits?

Tip: The Chief´s name is Preston, 2. from right


 Question 5 

What is in this scene burning?

Tip: Old Shatterhand fought for live and death at this point and Winnetou was his new friend after it

 Rio Pecos

 Question 6 

Which right name hides behind the Shoot (Schut), which threatens Kara Ben Nemsi here?

Tip: It is the merchant and dealer of carpets ...  from Rugowa

 Barud el Amasat
 Kara Nirwan
 Abu Seif

 Question 7 

The bandits are looking for a treasure called ...?

Tip: This film starts the large film success which 16 further Karl May films followed

 The Treasure of the Aztecs
 The Treasure of the Incas
 The Treasure of Silverlake
 Apache Gold

 Question 8 

Where is the place of this Saloon destroyed by the locomotive now?

Tip: Old Shatterhand was captured here by Apaches only some miles from railroad camp

 Santa Fé
 New Venango

 Question 9 

How are both brothers calling on the right - they are the most dangerous bandits of "The Shoot" (Schut)?

Tip: There are the both ... which pull constantly their powers measure


 Question 10 

What takes the Ponca chief to inflame Forresters oilstation in New Venango later?

Tip: The chief is watching the situation in this scene only ...


 Question 11 

How is this pretty girl be called?

Tip: She prevents Kara ben Nemsi later after Schut wanted his death!


 Question 12 

Which was the trick that Kara outwits the allegedly holy Mübarek and cripple Busra?

Tip: Hadschi Halef believed also later still that Kara be »an ironmann?


 Question 13 

Which man arrives here with chief Mokaschi´s Comanches to destroy the settlers?

Tip: The film was named after him

 Oil Prince (Ölprinz)
 Colonel (Cornel)

 Question 14 

What saves all persons through the desert after the attack on the caravan?

Tip: Lord Lindsay calls it »Secret-Weapon LF I«


 Question 15 

How do these both "brawlers" also called?

Tip: They have both really endlessly long names ...

 Ahmed El Corda and Lord Lindsay
 Hadschi Halef Omar and Archie
 Abu Seif and Don Parmesan
 Kadir Bei and Lord Castlepool

 Question 16 

Old Shatterhand frees Winnetou of the stake ...

Tip: The Indians are well known after the attack on a Roswell trek


 Question 17 

What does the Machredsch of Mossul (middle) plan with his soldiers at Jecidi´s Valley?

Tip: The Machredsch is waiting for a signal so that he can ...


 Question 18 

What had Old Shatterhand to reach to save own life and this of his friends?

Tip: Old Shatterhand paddled in a lick canoe to ...


 Question 19 

Both friends come too late. Who arranged the attack on the settler-trek and delivered a "single survivor"?

Tip: His oilstation exploded shortly before in New Venango

 Cornel Brinkley

 Question 20 

Rollins tells "White Buffalo" (Weißer Büffel) that Winnetou will be the murderer of his son ...

Tip: Rollins outwitted quickly like a wild cat the son of »White Buffalo« and murdered him

 Running Panther (Schneller Panther)
 Red Buffalo (Roter Büffel)
 Big Wolf (Großer Wolf)
 Little Bear (Kleiner Bär)

 Question 21 

Winnetou shows his friends the drawing of a treasure also calling "Major Kingsley´s Gold Treasure" or also only ...?

Tip: Soldier Major Kingsley, Mabel´s father hid it before the bandits?

 Apanatschi´s Gold
 Treasure of Aztecs
 War Cash
 Treasure of Silverlake

 Question 22 

The ammunition dump of Fort Grant explodes. The fight is finished now. Who cared here for final decision?

Tip: Winnetous adopted son who was  caught in the Fort sprinkled the ammunition dump high


 Question 23 

Kara saves Halef´s life here during Abu Seif put a trap? How is this location or area calling?

Tip: Kara´s dog Dojan leads the troop again surely out

 Llano Estacado

 Question 24 

The bandits ride through "The Valley of the Deaths". What do they shoot thereby incessantly?

Tip: The bandits shoot down on the ground ...


 Question 25 

Which chief of the Utahs accompanies Old Shatterhand at the end of Silverlake (Silbersee)?

Tip: A previously duel with Old Shatterhand was lost by k.o.

 Big Bear (Großer Bär)
 Running Panther (Schneller Panther)
 Big Wolf (Großer Wolf)
 White Buffalo (Weißer Büffel)